Auto Accident Cases That Require A Lawyer's Involvement


You can pursue auto accident compensation without involving a lawyer. However, using a lawyer enhances your chances of settlement. A lawyer can also strengthen your lawsuit if your case doesn't settle. Some cases deserve a lawyer's touch more than others. Below are examples of these cases.

Significant Injury or Damage

Auto accidents that cause significant injury or damage cost a lot of money. Consider two auto accident victims, one with a sprained ankle and another with an amputated limb. The amputee will likely demand higher compensation than the other victim. The amputee may lose their livelihood, spend many days in the hospital, and experience significant pain and suffering.

You stand to lose a lot if something goes wrong with your case if you have significant injuries or damages. For example, a misstep might leave you paying high medical bills the defendant is responsible for. Contact a lawyer to reduce the chances of that happening.

School Zone Accident

Traffic rules around school zones differ from those of other areas. The presence of children around school zones calls for increased caution. Overtaking rules, speed limits, and right-of-way laws change when you drive into a school zone.

The different rules affect liability determination concerning auto accidents in school zones. You might assume that another person is liable for your accident only to learn that you share in the liability.

Government Defendant

You should also involve a lawyer if the defendant is a government employee. If you are involved in a crash against a government employee on duty, then your claim will likely be with the government.

Such a claim is tricky because many government agencies have immunity against injury charges. Even those that waive the immunity have different bureaucratic procedures and rules that don't apply to other injury cases. A lawyer can help you deal with the convoluted claim process.

Shared or Disputed Liability

Lastly, you should also engage a lawyer if the other party accuses you of the accident liability, the liability is not clear, or you think you contributed to the crash. In such a case, you need legal skills and experience to sort out the liability issues.

Do not admit liability even if you think you contributed to the accident. Your admission might complicate your auto accident claim, even if it turns out you were wrong.

Consult a lawyer with trial experience if you have a complicated auto accident case. That way, you don't have to look for another lawyer if your case goes to trial.

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4 May 2023

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