Reasons Why You May Need Another Personal Injury Lawyer Working On Your Case


When you are considering filing a personal injury claim, you will want to find a lawyer who has the experience necessary to help you win your case. However, in some circumstances, your personal injury compensation specialist might determine that they are not the right person for your case and might refer you to someone else.

The Case is Outside the Lawyer's Area of Expertise 

Personal injury lawyers will usually choose to specialize in certain areas of law. If a lawyer determines that they do not have the experience necessary to do your case justice, they might decide that you would be better off in the hands of another lawyer.

The Lawyer is Too Busy

Your lawyer might also determine that your case will require more time and money than they might have expected. The lawyer might have a caseload that is too full and they will want you to move forward with your case more quickly. 

How the Lawyer Will Refer You to a New Lawyer

Your lawyer will inform you that they will be referring you to another lawyer. In some states, this is required by law. Also, you will be informed about how the fee will be divided among different lawyers. Having more than one lawyer involved in your case can help you because each lawyer will have unique knowledge and experience.

How to Change Lawyers

You are allowed to change your personal injury lawyer yourself for any reason. You will also be able to keep all of the documents and other evidence related to your case because all of this belongs to you. 

First, you should discuss the issues you have with your personal injury lawyer. You can immediately hire a different lawyer who can begin drafting the paperwork necessary to move forward with your case. Then, what you do next depends on whether you have filed your case with the court.

Required Paperwork

You will need to write a letter and fill out a special form. Then, you can continue your case with your new attorney. However, if you have already filed your case with the court, your old attorney must submit paperwork stating that they are withdrawing from your case and you will then be able to continue your case with your new attorney.

Changing an attorney does not necessarily mean that your lawyer did anything wrong but sometimes your current lawyer is simply not a good fit for your case.

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17 February 2022

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