How To Overcome Jury Bias After A Motorcycle Accident


When you are injured in a car accident, you will want to approach this problem with the help of an attorney. This is especially the case if you are injured while riding on a motorcycle. Your case can quickly become much more difficult, especially if you face jury biases.

Why You Might Not Receive a Settlement Out of Court

Normally, when you are involved in a motorcycle accident in a fault state, you will want to file a claim with the insurance provider of the other motorist. A motorcycle accident attorney can assist you in finding out which insurance provider you'll want to file a claim with.

However, because you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you may find yourself with unpaid medical bills because your motorcycle insurance policy is less likely to provide coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists. Even if the other driver does carry auto insurance, the insurance provider is more likely to allow the case to go to court. As such, if you and your attorney decide to take the case to trial, the other party might request a jury trial. This might cause your case to become more complicated because the jury might be biased against you.

Jury Bias and Your Court Case

One of the reasons for jury bias is the tendency of the jury to assume that the motorcyclist contributed to their own injuries. This is because you will have less protection than you would have if you were in a passenger vehicle. For example, you are more likely to be thrown from a motorcycle than to be thrown from a passenger vehicle.

Even if there is no evidence that you were reckless, many members of the jury will assume this to be true. Some jury members assume that motorcyclists are more daring than those who drive cars. For example, a witness statement describing a loud engine could be used to bias the jury against you. Your motorcycle accident attorney will make it clear that you are a motorist just like everyone else and that you operated your motorcycle with care.

The goal of your attorney is to make sure that the evidence speaks for itself. For example, if the other driver was under the influence of alcohol, your motorcycle accident attorney will highlight this fact. With a solid case, you may be able to overcome the bias of the jury and receive compensation for your injuries. Contact a motorcycle attorney for more information. 


16 July 2021

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