4 Factors That Impact The Value Of A Paralysis Accident Claim


An auto accident that results in paralysis is devasting for both the victim of these horrific injuries, as well as the families that support and care for them. With this type of accident, there is no question that the victim deserves to be compensated for their injuries. However, while a massive injury, it can be a challenge to put a definite value on cases involving paralysis.

1. Type of Paralysis

Paralysis can come in the form of paraplegia, tetraplegia, and quadriplegia. The more severe the case of paralysis, typically, the greater the value of the injury claim, given the fact that the more severe cases of paralysis mean that the victim has even less mobility. A medical report outlining the paralysis category is necessary to move forward with the case, so it's important to get a detailed record of your injuries and your prognosis. 

2. Injury Cause

The events that led to the injury affect the value of a claim. Auto accidents that are particularly gross in nature, such as those caused by excessive speeding or drunk driving, tend to have higher values than scenarios in which the driver was negligent, but not necessarily grossly negligent. However, it's important to still remember that regardless of the cause of the accident, your injuries sill matter. So, even if the driver only made a minor mistake that led to the accident, you can still be compensated.

3. Attendant Care

Any level of paralysis requires some level of attendant care, which is a caregiver responsible for providing daily care, including dressing, feeding, and hygiene assistance. The more severe the case of paralysis, the greater the demand for around-the-clock care, which also means more costlier care and a higher valued claim. Attorneys typically calculate the value of this care over the course of your life to create an acceptable figure. 

4. Adaptive Devices

Paralysis will also require adaptive devices, such as motorized wheelchairs. However, similar to attendant care, for accident victims diagnosed with quadriplegia or tetraplegia, even a standard wheelchair is not generally acceptable given the loss of hand function. A tongue-driven wheelchair system is often required, which can be incredibly costly. As a result, the value of this adaptive gear would need to be factored into the claim.

If you or a loved one has suffered this type of injury — you should speak to an auto accident attorney right away. These types of injuries require long-term treatment and care, so it's essential you begin the process of compensation to ensure you're safeguarded.


23 May 2019

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