When You've Been In A Motorcycle Accident It's Important To Follow Some Basic Steps


If you are driving your motorcycle and a car turns in front of you, causing an accident, there are some basic steps you should follow in order to handle the accident properly. The first step is to make sure that everyone involved in the accident is alright and to call for help even if you are not sure anyone needs it. Getting the authorities to respond to the scene is sometimes overlooked, as people don't always feel that it is necessary.

Take as Many Pictures as You Can

As long as it is safe to do so, take as many pictures you can of the accident scene. Look for skid marks, take a general image of the area, and take pictures of any damage that your motorcycle sustained. Take pictures of any of your injuries, of the surroundings, and even of the weather conditions, if possible. Pictures will help preserve the accident scene, which will need to be cleaned up shortly.

Get Your Motorcycle Off of the Road

Once you have taken enough pictures, get your motorcycle off the road, if possible. You don't want to be blocking traffic for a small accident, and remaining in the way can cause a hazard for other drivers on the road. Get out of the way, and be aware of other vehicles that may be trying to pass by.

Gather Information from Drivers and Witnesses

You will need to exchange insurance and contact information with any other drivers involved in the accident. You can also ask for the contact information of any witnesses to the scene, as they may be able to provide information to determine who was at fault for the accident. This information will be gathered by authorities as well, but you can get started with your own insurance company if you have the information of the other driver from the start.

Create a Diagram of the Accident

Create a detailed diagram of the accident, labeling street names and being clear about how the accident took place. Your diagram can go along with the pictures you took, to help make it clear what happened to cause the accident.

Once you have gathered all of the information you need, it's time to call your insurance company and let them know about the accident. If you were injured and you were not at fault, you may have a personal injury lawsuit to file. If you aren't sure, it's time to talk with an attorney who can look over your case to see if you have a viable lawsuit. Click here to learn more about this topic.


27 July 2016

Accident Victims Must Stick Together

When I was injured in a slip and fall accident a few years ago, my family and friends had a hard time relating to the things I was going through. While some people thought that my decision to file a lawsuit was frivolous, others were under the impression that I would walk away as a millionaire. Their lack of personal experience with this type of legal problem left me feeling alone during one of the most difficult times in my life. That is why I decided to start this blog so that accident victims from all over would have somewhere to come to get the information and support that they need. I truly hope that this page can be that place for you.