How Does Worker's Compensation Work?


Even though you've been in the workforce for a significant period of time, you may not understand  workers compensation. When you are injured on the job or develop a job-related illness, it is important that you grasp how this compensation insurance works so that you can get the help that you need.


Eligibility for workers' compensation varies according to the rules of each state. In most states, any work-related injury or illness is covered whether it was caused by the employer, the customer, or even the employee, with a few exceptions. If you are injured by starting a fight, committing a crime, or while breaking with company policy, you may not be eligible.  Since the rules do vary, you need to investigate your options anytime you develop an illness or receive an injury that may be work related. 


Workers compensation covers a variety of expenses, including medical bills, retraining costs, income replacement, and survivors benefits. In general, the amount of compensation is two-thirds of your regular salary, tax-free, but only up to a maximum limit.  However, workers compensation will not cover pain and suffering. Also, if you collect workers comp, you give up your right to sue the company. You need to consider these restrictions before you file for benefits.

Workers Compensation Attorney

Before you begin the benefit process, you should consult with a workers compensation attorney to clarify your rights and understand your legal options. If your benefits are denied, an attorney can help ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve. The most common reasons that your claim will be rejected include failing to file in a timely manner, not being injured or sick "enough," or an employer-filed dispute. Remember that not all employers are required to provide this insurance coverage, often because they have too few employees. In these instances, you may need to explore other legal options to get the financial relief that you need. 

Despite workers compensation being such an important protection for you in the workplace, you may not understand all the implications of this coverage. You need to familiarize yourself with the program before a work-related illness or injury strikes. If you do suffer a physical problem due to your job, you should contact an attorney, like John J Bublewicz Attorney At Law, to make certain that your rights are protected. Being ill and out of work can be a devastating burden if you do not receive  financial and job support from your employer. 


28 January 2016

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