Even Seemingly Strange Accidents Deserve Respect Before The Law


Bad things quite often happen to the best out there. Regardless of how careful a person you might be, you are still susceptible to getting hurt in an accident. In fact, you have little way to prevent most accidents from occurring. The most bizarre harms affect common people all the time.

Following are three of the more strange personal injury cases handled by American lawyers.  Fortunately, when done harm, regardless of how seemingly unique the situation, you can count on a personal injury attorney to help get recompense from the person or entity responsible.

Caffeine Overdose

Americans drink a lot of caffeine. The desire to stay awake and work long hours is often the reason behind doing so. Others just enjoy sipping a cup or two during the day with friends at a popular coffee shop. Young people have taken to downing so-called energy drinks that often come full of caffeine and other additives.

In a 2013 personal injury case, a family of a young man who drank a well-known energy drink, on a regular basis, sought damages following his death. The victim died of a heart condition 45 minutes into a basketball game. His relatives won a multi-million dollar lawsuit, claiming the ridiculous amount of caffeine in the beverage caused an overdose.

Hot Coffee Burns

A woman sitting in a famous burger restaurant parking lot suffered horrible second-degree burns from a cup of hot coffee. She and her attorney sought damages because the fast food chain failed to cool its coffee before offering it to customers.

In a jury trial, the woman won compensatory damages for the negligent act. Even more surprising, the court also awarded her millions of dollars in additional punitive damages.

Water Overdose

A radio station staged a contest for a much-desired video game console. The winner would have to drink more water than anyone else. A mother drank two gallons in three hours. She then collapsed and died in the bathroom. Her husband sought legal counsel and won millions in compensatory damages from the station.

Consult With an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Today

As seen here, there are successful accident lawsuits that might not fit into the fact pattern that many people would consider normal. If you have been hurt by the negligence of another, consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney is the best way to find out the possible merits of your case.


31 December 2015

Accident Victims Must Stick Together

When I was injured in a slip and fall accident a few years ago, my family and friends had a hard time relating to the things I was going through. While some people thought that my decision to file a lawsuit was frivolous, others were under the impression that I would walk away as a millionaire. Their lack of personal experience with this type of legal problem left me feeling alone during one of the most difficult times in my life. That is why I decided to start this blog so that accident victims from all over would have somewhere to come to get the information and support that they need. I truly hope that this page can be that place for you.