4 Facts about Worker's Compensation to Know


As an employee for any company, you want to be sure that you are aware of your rights under workers compensation. Not having a great deal of knowledge of worker's compensation can lead to you not taking advantage of worker's compensation should you be injured at work. Here are four facts about workers compensation that you should know:

  1. Worker's Compensation Works Under a "No-Fault" System: Since worker's compensation works under a "no-fault" system, this means that no matter how you are injured at work, you are eligible to receive compensation. It doesn't matter who was technically to blame for the result of the injury. 
  2. Workers Compensation Covers Two Things: There are two things that worker's compensation will cover. One area they will cover is an immediate injury or death. The other area is an injury that has occurred over time. For example, if you put a great deal of stress on a certain area of your body because of your job, then you can receive compensation for any injury that results from it. 
  3. Worker's Compensation Doesn't Cover Some Injuries: When it comes to covering injuries that have resulted over time, it can be more difficult to prove that it was because of your job versus work you do at home. This is why you should be visiting a doctor regularly to have them take note of any back problems, wrist problems, and more. These notes can help to better prove that the injury was a result of work instead of other stresses in your life. 
  4. Worker's Compensation Will Cover More Than Medical Costs: Since an injury can also take you away from work, resulting in you losing out on some of your income, worker's compensation will sometimes pay a certain percentage of your regular pay to you. Worker's compensation may also include payment for rehabilitation to help you get back into shape to return to work. 

By knowing these four facts about worker's compensation, you can better understand how it works. This is going to ensure that you are well prepared for what to do in the case that you have suffered an injury while on the job. By understanding, you can also be sure that you are compensated properly by keeping track of medical records and days missed from work. After all, you don't want to receive less compensation than what you really deserve at the end of it all. For assistance, talk to an attorney like The Law Offices of Gregg Durlofsky.


22 June 2015

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