3 Questions To Ask Your Auto Accident Lawyer


A serious auto accident can affect all areas of your life. If you were severely injured, your recovery can be very difficult. It may be necessary to take legal action against the other driver to receive compensation for your losses. By knowing the right questions to ask your auto accident lawyer during your initial consultation, this may help you get the answers you need.

Question #1: What are the processes of civil litigation?

You will want to know what to expect if you file a formal complaint. Your accident attorney can go through this entire process with you and listed below is what typically is necessary:

  1. The complaint is filed against the defendant.
  2. The defendant must respond to the complaint within a certain number of days.
  3. The discovery stage will follow and there are four parts to this stage. These include written interrogatories, the deposition, request for admissions and the request of the production of documents.
  4. The mediation will be scheduled and this will require the plaintiff and defendant to meet together to attempt to settle the case.
  5. If mediation is not successful, the case will be tried in a courtroom.
  6. A jury or judge will provide a final verdict and the case will be dismissed.

Question #2: What are the strengths of the case?

It is important when consulting with your attorney to provide the factual details of the automobile accident. This can help determine the strength of your case.

Listed below is information that should be provided to your attorney:

  1. Who was found to be at fault for the accident? Additionally, you should provide an official police report stating this.
  2. Were there any eyewitnesses that could testify on your behalf if the case goes to court?
  3. Were there other factors, such as the weather conditions or medications you were on that could have contributed to the accident?

Question #3: What is the amount of money you should demand?

You should take the time to create a list of all your expenses that were due to the accident. Some things to consider include the damage done to your vehicle, cost of medical care for your injury and other losses.

It is important to list a specific amount in the complaint that you are requesting when filing a lawsuit.

Finally, it is critical to the success of your case to get the necessary amount of legal guidance. Be sure to address any additional questions with your accident attorney or a place like Kuzyk Law for the best results.


20 March 2015

Accident Victims Must Stick Together

When I was injured in a slip and fall accident a few years ago, my family and friends had a hard time relating to the things I was going through. While some people thought that my decision to file a lawsuit was frivolous, others were under the impression that I would walk away as a millionaire. Their lack of personal experience with this type of legal problem left me feeling alone during one of the most difficult times in my life. That is why I decided to start this blog so that accident victims from all over would have somewhere to come to get the information and support that they need. I truly hope that this page can be that place for you.