4 Ways A Judge Determines Who Gets Custody Of A Child


If you are dealing with the end of a marriage and there are children involved, you may want to know the details regarding custody.  It is typically the job of the judge to determine which parent will have full custody of the child. Knowing the various things that are considered in this situation may be helpful to you if you are faced with this dilemma.

The income of the parents

The court will closely examine how much money either of the spouses makes when it comes to determining custody. However, in some cases it is common for the judge to grant sole custody to the spouse who may earn less and have the other spouse pay child support.

The desires of the child

What the child wants is strongly considered by the legal system. It is not uncommon for the judge to meet with the child and ask some of the questions listed below:

  1. Which parent do you feel is the best one for you to live with every day?
  2. Has either of your parents ever physically abused you?
  3. Is your current school district where the parent you want to live with resides?
  4. Have you ever witnessed any bizarre behavior in your parents that may be an indicator of drug or alcohol abuse?
  5. Why do you feel that you may be better off with the parent you selected?

The health of the parents

The judge will consider the mental and physical health of each of the parents. It is important that the parent in charge of having full custody be capable of caring for the child day-after-day.

Medical records are typically ordered by the court to help show which parent has the best health.

The residence of the parents

One of the things that will be closely examined in this situation is the type of home each of the parents have. It is critical for the well-being of the child to have a home that is habitable and livable at all times.

Additionally, it's important that the home has the right amount of living space for the parent and child to have enough privacy.

Finally, if you are attempting to get custody of your child, you should know what is involved to achieve this goal. Be sure to consult with an attorney, like Nelson Law Group PC, who can inform you of what is involved in the legal process of getting custody of your child.


18 February 2015

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